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Award and Certificate

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Accredited Laboratory

Employing experienced and trained experts, Accredited Laboratory of Khorasan Aflak Electric Factories Complex succeeded to

obtain Laboratory Accreditation Certificate having entry No. KHR/2375 issued by Institute of Standards and Industrial Research

of Iran, Razavi Khorasan Department and to start working as a wire and cable accredited laboratory located in the east of Iran in

2011. Simultaneously, it has obtained ISO/IEC17025 license from National Accreditation Center of Iran too.

Wire and cable accredited laboratory of this company is ready to perform the tests associated with wire and cable as per the

National Standard of Iran bearing series No. 607 and 3569-1 as following; moreover, it would like to make a contract with all

Standards Organizations and Departments, Customs Departments, wire and cable manufacturer and Electricity Departments.

Clause 1: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) insulated and wires and cables of rated voltage up to and including 450/750 V (Standard Series 607)

Part 1: General Regulations as per Standard 607-1;

Part 2: Testing methods as per Standard 607-2;

Part 3: Wires for fixed wiring (inflexible) as per Standard 607-3;

Part 4: Cables for fixed wiring (inflexible) as per Standard 607-4;

Part 5: Flexible cables and straps as per Standard 607-5;

Parts 6: Cables for lifts and elevators and flexible connectors as per Standard 607-6;

Part 7: Flexible cables screened and unscreened with two or more conductors.

Clause 2: Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages 1 KV and 3 KV (Standard 3569-1)

1-Performing all dimensional tests related to the wire, cables and etc. having accuracy of 0/001 mm;

2-Performing tensile test up to 5000 Newton;

3-Performing all cooling tests up to a minimum temperature of -22 ° C;

4-Performing all heating tests up to a temperature of 400 ° C;

5-Performing electric tests up to a maximum voltage of 5 KV AC_DC;

6-Measuring density and weight of objects having accuracy of 0/0001 g;

7-Performing cable and wire pressure tests (low and medium).


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