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Production of industrial and construction cables on nation and international scale , relying on quality and use of modern European machineries .Popruse of this industrial group is to produce best quality productions and to provide best services to attract customers satisfaction and quality stability, these are our principles which we are proud to adhere to them.

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About Cables


The sheathing of cables produced by Aflak Electric Khorasan are Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). This polymer compound is used in the wire and cable industry due to its significant advantages such as : lightness , strength , high electrical resistance and flame retardant and … . All stages of production of granules used in Aflak wires and cables are performed in our company and have the highest quality and standard.


Our products include a wide range of wires and cables in different sizes and shapes , such as : flexible wire and cable , flexible control cable , semi-stranded power cable , copper fixed installation cable , flat stranded cable , KNX cable , fire alarm cable , network cable , coaxial cable , twin cable , self-supporting Aluminium cable , ACSR , wire and Aluminium power cable.


The core conductor of our products is made of the highest quality copper and aluminium available . Copper purity used in our cables and wires is 99.99%.

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Our product portfolio includes more than 200 types of industrial and construction products, and more than 50 types of telecommunication products.

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آقای شاه مرادی

Mr. Shah Moradi, CEO of Saman Andish Company

The way of interaction and cooperation with Aflak Electric Khorasan is completely satisfactory and this complex has extraordinary technical power. Especially in the last 2 years , it has shown a great growing trend and good capability . During 2 stages of visiting from Aflak factory sites , I can say “ up-to-date machinery and technical capability compared to factory age are among the positive features of Aflak Electric Khorasan. Compared to the regional technology level , this complex has the highest potential to grow.

آقای مهندس عروجی

Mr. Orooji, CEO of Gil Rad Wire Making Company

Gil Rad Wiring Company is the supplier of copper to Aflak Electric Khorasan. Mr. Mohammadian and the management staff are very professional and we are completely satisfied with their cooperation in terms of moral commitment, financial commitment and timely payment.

آقای کافی

Mr. Kafi, Consultant and Senior Lecturer of Wire and Cable Companies

This industrial group is well interacted with the new market situations and produces inventive products and adapts itself very well. Growth rate and modern-production rate increase faster than the competitors and has very skilled technical team and staff .

آقای طاهر محمدی

Mr. Taher Mohammadi, CEO of Payam Afshan Company

ACSR cables of Aflak are satisfied by iraqi customers and are high quality cables. The packaging is satisfactory and the technical team and worthy managers of Aflak Electric Khorasan are commendable.